There is a lot of confusion about what architect’s really do, what their role is, and the how architects add value to projects of all shapes and sizes. StudioAKA have developed brief documents that outline the services provided by architects, the long-term value to your project, and exactly what a good architect does for you.


Architect vs Project Home

What’s the difference between a project home and an architecturally designed home? Why are architect’s more expensive generally? What long-term value is there to an architectural home?

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Why invest in an architect

What does and Architect do? How do architect’s calculate their fees? Do I have to use an architect the whole way through my project?

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Your home, your architect

Working with an architect for your home or project, how exactly does it work? Do you need an architect for your project? How does the process progress? We’ll step you through it right here.

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StudioAKA has a diverse background of experience as architects working within a variety of budgets, scales, project types, and sectors within the construction industry.

We are purposefully small to enable a capable and adaptable core design team to execute a clear vision for the project. Below is some further information on our experience, our process, and our capabilities as a team.


Residential Portfolio

StudioAKA has extensive experience within the residential sector, priding ourselves on client-centric and wholistic design process.

Please find our current residential portfolio below.



Commercial Portfolio

StudioAKA has a varied range of experience within the commercial sector, working within health, hospitality, and civic works in our background.

Please find our current commercial portfolio and capability statement below.