What does an architect do?

Is all you do sketch pretty but expensive houses that other people build?

An architect is the bridge between you the client and the construction industry. We are trained designers and trained liaisons to the construction industry. We are a service professional who design and document your project vision and provide gentle nudges of advice along the way.

Most importantly architects add value to your project by providing a service that ensures the longevity of your building, well considered design of your building, and creates a building that you can be proud of.



What is the difference between an architect and a drafter or building designer?

Why shouldn’t I just pay a drafter to draw up my dream house?

A drafter is trained to competently document the designs of others, they create building documentation ready for construction. They are trained to professionally draw, not professionally design.

Where architects differ is that architects are formally trained in both worlds of design and construction thinking. We think in the world of construction methodology, clear documentation standards, cost appropriate design, and legislative requirements of building. Importantly, in addition to this, we are trained in design-thinking, sustainable building practices, energy efficient design, design history & theory, and have a Post-Graduate degree focused on design and construction as a professional practice.

We as architects combine these two ways of thinking, aesthetic design thinking and rational construction-oriented pragmatic design.



Why should I invest in architect?

Why are architects more expensive than going straight to a builder? Why should I pay all that money for an architect?

Architects provide a tailored service to exactly your needs. Making certain that the money you invest in building your home will last. The building is constructed so that it maximises the potential of your location, your budget, your needs, and your wants.We embed long-term value within your building design through passive energy efficiencies and ensure quality of construction.

Architects follow the project through from the first napkin sketch, right through to making sure that each tile is laid correctly. We work intimately with our clients to ensure they are getting precisely what they are after within the scope of their budget. During planning & documentation we liaise with council, engineers, building certifiers to ensure that the project is dotting all the i’s and crossing the t’s of regulation and legislation. Once the construction starts, we work with the builders and trades throughout the project, meeting often to problem solve issues out on site.

It’s through this intense step by step process that we add value to the building as we can track the building from inception to completion.



What do I need to bring to my architect for our first meeting?

Why are architects more expensive than going straight to a builder? Why should I pay all that money for an architect?

Every building starts with a conversation about you, the client, so the most important thing to bring with you in your first meeting is an open mind. By having an open conversation we get back to basics of what is important to the project, and to you. We like clients to come in with a clean-slate but of course if you have your dream home sketched out on a napkin, we’d love to see it!

If you have any additional documentation (old plans, elevations, surveys, titles etc.) for your building or site this can also help us start the process.



What do architects charge?

Generally, architects fees are based on a percentage of the project build costs. As the project budget gets larger this fee is decreased.


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