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“By night a pink haze engulfs the bar, emanating from a custom-made neon sign that spells out “Cry Baby” (in Di Pinto’s dad’s handwriting). It’s reflected in the super shiny lacquered-concrete floor. Sprawling bottle-green booths topped with Tasmanian oak line the walls. A similarly green subway-tiled hallway leads to the toilets."


– Broadsheet Adelaide


Project Details



This exciting project involves the co-ordination of base-build and fit out for a bar in the heart of the CBD and adds to the growing laneway culture in Adelaide. The clients were dedicated to rock and roll culture and wanted to create a bar in Adelaide that celebrated the classic Americana dive bar. The project brief was to create a space that was reminiscent of the grungy American dive-bar and allow space for the place to grow into it's own, as memorabilia, knick-knacks, vintage art, and classic merchandise will soon fill it's walls.

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In collaboration with Premier Building Solutions SA (PBSSA).

Location: Adelaide, CBD

Budget: $200,000

Completed: June 2018